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Snow White - 8x10 Canvas Print

$ 100.00
I love fairy tales. Most original fairy tales are much darker in tone than the versions that we know of them today. I recently created this painting of Snow White, and I felt like I needed to depict her sad, but strong. It always seemed so tragic that Snow White's mother passes away at the very beginning of the story, and that all we know about her was that she was a beautiful woman full of grace, a fair ruler who enjoyed art. It makes me sad to think about her peacefully sewing while watching the snow fall, dreaming of the future, thinking , "If only I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as the wood in this frame." For her mother to pass and then her stepmother to hire a huntsman to murder her, it's a horrible thing to think about. But Snow White is a strong character, one who is full of self reliance and strength. Though she is still naive, I like to think of her as a symbol of strength and heart. I depicted her with a crown to show that she is royalty, but crying to show vulnerability, yet her expression is also one of strength.

This giclee stretched canvas print is made by and signed by the artist, and will be shipped with care. Made with the finest materials, this canvas print is as close as possible to the original work.

This print measures 8x10x1.5 inches. The sides have the print mirrored around the edge and are extra thick, so there is no need to frame.

Thank you so much for looking, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.