Portia- Bad Apple Artist Collective January Auction Painting Process

Hello! For the month of January, the Bad Apple Artist Collective theme was " Lost Civilizations". I have always been fascinated with the idea of Atlantis, and as kid I was always picking up books, watching movies, or seeking out stories based on it. I wanted to create a portrait of a female Atlantean, how I imagined she might look. I am currently exploring acrylics as my new " go to" medium since switching from oils, and am truly enjoying learning to use different mediums, and working in a more painterly style. 

Please check out my speed painting video of the creation of " Portia". You can also subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more videos here .

 The original painting was sold via the monthly auction. Signed canvas prints of this work are available here. 

 Portia - Original Fine Art Painting Portrait of Beautiful Woman Contemporary

Portia - Elegant Painterly Portrait of A Beautiful Woman in Painterly Style